The Drama-Free Way  

Drama, drama, drama—every facet of our culture is steeped in it: politics, media, Hollywood, our corporate culture - even our health care is dripping with drama. And, like true junkies, we indulge in it endlessly. Drama addiction is real. But why do we have it? How did we even get here?

Drama functions as a social survival method that we all sometimes lean on to be seen, heard, and to feel like we matter. 

Left unattended, the negative thought patterns and emotional wounds that foster drama will be recycled generation after generation, adversely affecting our world for years to come.

In this book you'll learn: 

  • The internal thought patterns and energetic states that create drama individually and collectively
  • Practical approaches for intentional thinking
  • A new way of living and path to emotional freedom 

“Jennifer Kern Collins provides a path out of emotional destruction to a life of peace and deep fulfillment.” 

- Nova Wightman, Spiritual Alignment founder and Conversations with God coach

“A wonderful, impactful book with a powerful message and beautiful vision for how to better the world one person at a time. Don’t miss it.”

- Karen Kimsey-House, co-author of Co-Active Coaching and Co-Active Leadership and co-founder of the Coaches Training Institute

“Jennifer Kern Collins lays out a thought-provoking and excellent path to consciously thrive drama-free!”

- Claudia Church, Author, Actress, Musician, Model

“Once in a while, a book comes along that pulls you in to understand the human spirit at a whole new level—this is one of those books.”

- Rick Tamlyn, Hay House author, Play Your Bigger Game